What is Arabits?
Arabits’ is an Arabic learning application that caters to all students of Grades 1 to 9, who learn Arabic as a foreign language. ‘Arabits’ aims to address every aspect of language learning- listening, reading, writing and speaking skills and builds up the content from Foundation through different Grade levels and applies international principles for the teaching of foreign languages to non-native speakers.
Who can learn Arabic using Arabits?
The content is specially designed for school kids who are not native learners of the language but have to pass their grade level examination for the Arabic subject. However, the structure of the content is such that it facilitates step-by-step and easy learning of Arabic by any non-native learner.
How can Arabits help me improve my Arabic language skills?
One of the major pain points of language learning is repetition and reinforcement of learning, without which the learners tend to lose their progress. Arabits has been designed to make the user learn while practicing and practice while learning, using activities like listening, pronunciation, writing, matching, etc.
What is the Foundation Course and its benefits?
Foundation course covers the fundamentals of Arabic, without which the learner will not be able to learn anything. It includes recognizing, speaking and writing alphabets. Without having a strong knowledge of the fundamentals, the learners will find it difficult to understand and practice the different aspects of the language.
What are the different Levels in the app and their benefits?
Apart from the Foundation Course, the app features different courses named as Levels from 1 to 9, e.g. Level 1 (L1), Level 2 (L2),... Level 9 (L2). Each Level is well aligned with the guidelines from KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority) and MOE, UAE for Arabic curriculum for the corresponding grade. So, Level 1 is aligned with Grade 1, Level 2 to Grade 2,... Level 9 to Grade 9.
Is it a paid app?
Arabits is a free app with in-app purchases. You don’t need to pay anything to download and use the app. However, to access complete content in the app, you need to subscribe to the content.
What content is included in the subscription?
Annual subscription to the content is available in the app. Apart from access to all the content available in the app, you will get free access to content releases in future during your subscription period.
What content do we get free?
If you have not subscribed to the content, you will be able to access the first 5 lessons in the Foundation course and the first lesson in each Level.